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About Us

Vino Consulting Group (VCG) is a leading-edge technological company with expertise in Project Management and Project Controls. We are comprised of a seasoned team with years of experience and proven achievement in the Project Management profession. Our primary goal is to provide services that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Excellence and perfection are key phrases that we are associated with. With the present day advancement in technology and industrial competition, VCG has risen up to the challenge by providing advanced and current technological services to her various clients and customers and also provide training to her staff, and are thereby abreast with modern technology.
VCG is a firm believer of team work with high quality services adopting the Deming principle “Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)”. Our core value of quality, excellence and perfection form the bedrock of our success in the midst of a very competitive market by setting us apart from others.
Finally, VCG leadership team has taken pride in developing the career of VCG employees. VCG believes in partnering with its employee for the accomplishment of the company goals and mission by providing adequate training and career advancement program that promotes individual career. VCG believes in investing in her employee in their career development and advancement.

Our Vision
We strive to be recognized as a leading provider of Project Management services, Project Controls solutions and IT services to our client meeting and exceeding customers expectation. Excellence, Quality and Perfection are key words associated with VCG.

Our Core Values
• Excellence
• Exceeding customer satisfaction
• Perfection
• Integrity and consistency
• Total Quality Management
• Community Services
• Team Building and Team Work

Our Mission
We seek and strive to integrate the principles of Total Cost Management (TCM) and Project Management in solving current challenges of budget overruns and schedule slippages befalling many organization by providing quality project management and project controls services. We also seek to train and equip both current and next generation modern project management and Information technology (IT) principles due to the high demand of these professions.
Our Goals
• Provide services that exceed client’s satisfaction
• Adopt a culture that promotes employee career development and
• Provide quality training in Project Management, IT and Software Development that will equip our students with

Our passion is in making, our expertise is in project management. From startups to Fortune 500s, we consult on innovative idea to an end-user product.