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As a project management service provider, we have a vested interest to train and equip individuals and organizations the fundamental principles of project management. We implement the tenets of the PMI methodology. Over the past decade, project management as a profession has evolved and companies are now realizing the gains of project management applications. The high demand for project management practitioners has placed a premium call to train and equip individuals to be capable to meet this demand. This is where Vino Consulting Group comes in with their expertise and well qualified and experienced staff. Vino Consulting Group (VCG) is currently focused on providing training in (a) project management and (b) software applications. VCG provides onsite training in the form of seminars, classroom training or webinars. VCG also has an online training for working professionals and clients who have a flexible schedule.  We offer training in the following that will prepare potential candidates to acquire their certifications.

Minimum payment $60.  Additional hours may be needed after the initial consultation.


You can ask questions about Project Management / PMP, Earned Value Management / EVP, Scheduling / PSP / PMI-SP, Microsoft Project, or other topics that you can describe in the contact form below.

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In-Person PMP Boot Camp Training

$1,450 3-4 days

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In-Person Project Management Training 

$1,100 2-3 weeks

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Online Project Management Training

$500 90 days to access online training

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Earned value management is an aspect of project management that measures how well a project is performing or progressing. It integrates scope, budget and schedule to establish a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) to analyze, report and apply actuals. The application of EVM principles is on the rise….and working professionals who aspire to acquire such skill sets are encouraged to take this course. The EVM training is two-fold;

EVM Training (Fundamentals and Applications of EVM)

$1,000 – 1 day

Learn the basic principles of EVM are in this one-day training. In this course, you will learn

  • How to establish Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)
  • How to identify a cost account
  • How to analyze EVM metrics (CV, SV, CPI, SPI, TCPI, EAC, VAC)
  • How to report progress
  • Apply actuals for EVM performance measurement
  • Co-relate EVM and risk measurement
  • SPI and data from schedule critical path – the difference and how to incorporate these data

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EVP Certification

$2,500 – 3 days

This course is geared towards those who want to acquire the prestigious AACEI Earned Value Professional (EVP) certification which distinguishes you from your peers. It covers all the fundamentals of EVM and the following in addition;

  • Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)
  • ANSI Standard 748A or 748B
  • NDIA Intent Guide
  • EVP exam preparations and strategy
  • EVP memo writing

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The scheduling practice is on the rise but the knowledge of the fundamentals and application of scheduling is lacking. Knowing the scheduling tools is good and necessary to function on a job as a scheduler but it is not good enough. The difference between a professional scheduler and one who works as a scheduler is the difference in knowledge base on scheduling.

Principles and Applications of Scheduling Training

$1,100 – 1 day

This course is designed to provide the fundamentals of scheduling as it relates to the best practices of scheduling. In this course you will learn;

  • Scheduling (Time Management) as a component of Project Management
  • Practical skills in developing and analyzing schedules
  • Gantt chart, bars etc
  • Critical path method (CPM), Critical chains etc
  • Compression of schedules, schedule crashing etc
  • Schedule optimization

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Advanced Scheduling and Forensic Scheduling

$1,250 – 1 day

This course is designed primarily for working professionals who aspire to hone their scheduling skills. This class is very relevant for those who plan to take the Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) certification exam. In this course you will learn;

  • Forensic scheduling
  • As-built schedules

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This is a hands-on training on how to use the Microsoft Project Professional as a tool in scheduling. This course prepares anyone who is aspiring to get into the scheduling profession that requires the use of Microsoft Project Professional as a scheduling tool. There are three packages available. There is also a refresher class for anyone who wants to hone their skills in Microsoft Project Professional. The Basic Package is all you need to be trained on to get a job in scheduling. The advanced package is for any working professional or any aspiring scheduling professional who wants to advance their skills in Microsoft Project.

You must have been trained previously or have had a previous experience with Microsoft Project to take the refresher class.

Basic Package

$2,000 – 3 days

In this course package you will learn;

  • Overall summary of project management principles
  • Scheduling – a component of project management
  • Various menus of Microsoft Project Professional
  • How to create a schedule, resource/cost load a schedule, sequence activities
  • Identify and analyze the critical path in Microsoft Project
  • Developing and maintaining project files
  • Hands-on lab and one-time Microsoft Project Professional installation on your personal PC
  • How to pursue a career in Scheduling and interview preparations

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Advanced Package

$3,000 – 4 days

In this course package, you will learn everything that is enlisted under the Basic Package and in addition;

  • Use of Macros in Microsoft Project
  • Troubleshooting of complex project schedule files
  • Schedule optimization
  • Reporting

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Online Training Package

$1,100 – 60 days unlimited video training

In this package, you will learn the following;

  • Fundamentals and applications of using Microsoft Project Professional as a scheduling tool
  • Pre-recorded videos in different modules

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Refresher Class

$450 – 1 day

This class is aimed to go over the fundamentals and application of using Microsoft Project.

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$2,000/person  |  %10 discount for groups with at least 10 people

A variety of training services are available at the corporate level. Each of this training is customized to the client’s needs and objectives. Vino Consulting Group works with the client to develop the most appropriate approach to deliver the training – either at the client’s site or an approved location. Interested party should send their request or inquiry and our staff will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Project Management Training

1-3 days

This course is appropriate for working professionals as well for those who are aspiring to get into the project management profession. This course is aimed to establish the fundamentals of project management and its application in the industry. At the end of this course you should have learned the following:

  • What is project management? Overview and historical trend of project management
  • Principles of project management and how it is applied in the industry
  • What does it take to apply project management and the required skill sets?
  • Project management and operation management
  • Relationship between project management, program management and portfolio management
  • The application of Total Cost Management (TCM) in Project Management
  • Project management tools to become an effective project manager

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